Conexión Sanitaria

One Airways has introduced a new service that has connected directly by air China with the Canary Islands for the first time in history with a cargo commercial flight. The new service is provided by Airways in a joint efforts with a selected group of air and logistic companies of recognized PRESTIGE to serve both public and private entities that needs an SAFE, EFFICIENT AND ECONOMIC air transport services with medical material and equipment from China to the Canary Islands or anywhere to Europe and the Americ´s to protect the population from the COVID19.

Contact mail
Teléfono H24 +34 609 410 015

Operational Schedule Conexión Sanitaria

With our Conexión Sanitaria we continue to provide our air ambulance flights, organ and blood samples wherever we are needed.

Sometimes, two dots need just ONE line to connect each other. We draw lines wherever you needed us to get you closer to what really matters. Every flight unites.

Contac mail
Tel H24 +34 609 410 015