Portable Electronic Devices On Board

We don’t like to say «No», but the safety of passengers and of the crew comes first. We are also aware of our clients’ need to use allowed electronic devices on board. With this in mind, One Airways has established measures regarding the use of portable electronic devices (PEDs) on board in line with our security commitment, compliance with regulations and the comfort of our passengers.

Handheld devices such as tablets, eBooks, and mobile phones can be used during all stages of flight provided that airplane mode is turned on before taxiing. Devices must be securely held or put away in your pocket during taxi, takeoff, and landing. Devices and accessories must not block the aisles.


Mobile phones/ smart phones Personal Cameras Tablets / Laptops E-books Noise-cancelling headphones DVD or CD players Digital music players/ MP3 players Electronic Games Electric shavers Electronic Medical Device