Prepare your trip with One Airways

At One Airways, the safety of our passengers and crew comes first..
For this reason, objects that pose a safety threat are strictly prohibited. Here you can find a guide to inform you about which belongings you’re able to pack and which should stay at home.

What can I take with me?

In preparing for your trip, it’s important to keep certain measures and regulations in mind. Keep in mind that some restrictions vary between countries; these regulations are normally posted on the websites of your arrival and departure airports as well as on the website of your chosen airline. It is for this reason that we urge passengers to check this information on the respective websites before travelling.

This website includes an advisory list of objects which may serve as reference. It is not a complete list. If the object you are looking for isn’t included on our guide, please consult the following documentation:

See also:

Prohibited and/or Restricted Objects
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