Firearms and Ammunition

In compliance with current Spanish law, all firearms and ammunition are prohibited (including replicas and seized firearms). They are only permitted if you previously notify the airline and provide the pertinent licenses and documentation.

There is 5kg limit per person on ammunition (cartridges for firearms and small arms) according to the category Division 1.4S of IATA (UN numbers: 0012 y 0014). This should be for personal use and excludes incendiary or explosive projectile ammunition. If more than one passenger is allowed to carry ammunition, it should not be combined in your luggage.

EAt Check-in, a supplemental fee will be applied for each piece of luggage that contains firearms or ammunition in order to cover the cost of our firearms and ammunitions specialist.

Notify Us Before Flying

If your intention is to travel with firearms or ammunition, you must contact us by email at least 72 hours before your flight departure to guarantee fulfillment of governmental restrictions and prohibitions. If you do not notify us, you will not be allowed to travel with these items.

You must specify the following:

  • The number of firearms you wish to transport
  • The type of firearm (e.g. revolver, rifle, shotgun)
  • The make, model, and caliber
  • The quantity (in weight) and the caliber of the ammunition


All passengers who intend to travel with firearms or ammunition must ensure that they can provide the pertinent documentation and licenses. This includes exportation and importation licenses and permits from the local and national authorities.


You must arrive to the Check-in desk at least two hours before your flight’s departure time in order to provide enough time for processing your documentation before going through the airport security control.

Firearms and ammunition are accepted only when they are packed in the appropriate cases for transport. If this is not possible, they must be securely and safely packed inside a suitcase along with your personal items (except on flights from South Africa and Italy, more information below). Please keep in mind:

  • A corresponding firearms certificate must accompany each firearm being transported.
  • Firearms must not be loaded.
  • Ammunition must be packed in original packaging or in an appropriate container that impedes the movement between projectiles or cartridges; that is, loose ammunition is not permitted.
  • Bags with ammunition do not have “explosives” labels.
  • A supplemental fee will be applied for excess luggage and additional luggage if any piece of luggage surpasses the weight limit or free luggage limit (with firearms and ammunition).

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