Liquids and Food

Most countries have strict regulations about the type and quantity of liquids one can carry in their hand luggage and pass through airport security checks. . These include gels, creams, pastes, and liquid foods (such as marmalades or gelatin). Although we allow for solid food aboard, take into account that your destination country may prohibit some foods (for example many countries prohibit meats, fruits, and/or legumes).

(e.g. water, milk, juice)
Consult under "Liquids in Hand Luggage"
Alcoholic Drinks
(maximum volume of alcohol 70 %
And a maximum of 5 liters per person)
Consult under “Duty Free and Airport Shopping”
CLiquid Foods
(e.g. soups, sauces, creams, marmalades)
Consult the following instructions
Solid Foods
(e.g. sandwiches, cookies, fruit, dried fruit and nuts)
Consult under “Liquids in Hand Luggage”
Milk and Baby Food Consult under “Milk and Baby Food”
Liquid Medications Consult under “Liquid Medications”

LLiquids in Hand Luggage

When passing through security checks at the airport:

  • All your liquids should be in individual containers that do not exceed 100ml.
  • All liquids should be kept in a single transparent resealable plastic bag up to 20 cm x 20 cm with a capacity of no more than one liter.
  • The bag must close completely and should fit into your hand luggage.
  • Your bag containing liquids must be taken out of your hand luggage for inspection.
  • Taste or skin tests are no longer acceptable testing methods for liquids, aerosols, or gels in the United Kingdom or in the European Union. Airport security may ask you to open these items.
  • You should consult existing regulations for airports outside of the Kingdom of Spain and the European Union.

Milk and baby food

If you are travelling with a baby or child, you are able to bring all types of baby milk, powdered formula, sterilized water (which should be carried within the bottle), and baby food that you will need for your trip, even if it surpasses the permitted liquids limit. It is not necessary that these liquids fit into a transparent bag, but they should be available for inspection by airport security.

Liquid Medicines

Provided that the passenger has a prescription or medical certificate, he or she is able to carry all the liquid medications necessary, even if they surpass the permitted liquids limit. It is not necessary to carry these medicines in a transparent plastic bag, but they should be available for inspection by airport security.

Duty Free and Airport Shopping

Once you have passed through the security controls, you are able to buy tax-free liquids at the airport shops and on board, provided they have been sealed with a security seal in a hermetically sealed bag at the point of purchase.

You are able to take these articles with you if you leave the airport and come back to catch a connecting flight provided that they remain in the hermetically sealed bag with the security seal and the corresponding receipt. Nevertheless, you may have to go through further security checks in the case of making an additional connecting flight later in your journey. You should consult the existing regulations at all airports on your itinerary to assure that the transport of all items in your hand luggage is allowed.

For your own safety please take into consideration that One Airways does not permit the consumption of alcohol aboard its fights unless served by a member of the crew.

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