Medicines and Medical Equipment

When possible, lwe recommend carrying all personal medications in your hand luggage. It is possible that you will need a medical certificate or the airline’s previous approval in order to carry some types of medicines or medical equipment. Consult our medical information for recommendations and assistance.

Medicines and Medical Equipment
Pills and capsules
Liquid Medicines
(All the medicine that is needed, provided the passenger has a prescription or medical certificate)
EpiPen and hypodermic needles
(Medical certificate required)
Asthma Inhalers
Oxygen and Portable Oxygen Concentrators (Approval required. Download the Necessary Authorization)
Portable Electronic Medical Equipment
(e.g. defibrillators with lithium batteries)
(Approval required. Download our InfoMed form)
Small personal mercury thermometers
(In a protective case)

(In a protective case)
Regulations regarding the transportation of dangerous and/or restricted articles Download

Medical Information

Travelling while one is suffering from an illness can be disheartening, though in most cases it isn’t necessary to change your travel plans. On some occasions, it may be necessary to take precautions. For this reason, we provide the following information so that you are informed of everything that you should keep in mind.

Medical Authorization and Physical Condition for Flight:
Certain medical conditions require you inform us before flying to assure it is safe to fly. Conditions that require a medical authorization are:

  • Recent illness, hospitalization, injury or surgeries
  • An unstable existing illness
  • The need for oxygen or the use of medical equipment on board
  • Travel for the purpose of medical treatments

We ask you to fill out our INFOMED form with your doctor and please send it to us.

INFOMED Form for medical information Download

We evaluate your physical condition based on internationally accepted criteria to assure that you can fly safely and comfortably. In certain cases, it’s possible that we request additional information or we ask that you fly accompanied by a doctor or with oxygen. At One Airways we can provide you with the company of a trained doctor.

We strongly recommend you review the World Health Organization’s program regarding International Travel and Health.

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