Tools and Sharp Objects

Sharp, blunt, or cutting objects, which can cause harm, are not permitted in your hand luggage. This includes razor blades, knives, scissors with more than 6 cm blades, drills, screwdrivers, chisels, saws, sticks, bats, or bars.

OBJECT Hand Luggage Checked Luggage
Sewing Needles/ Crochet Hooks
Small Knives and Scissors, blunt or with rounded blade (Up to 6cm blade)
Large Knives or Scissors (with blades larger than 6 cm)
and Small Knives and Scissors with sharp or pointed blades
Disposable Razor Blades
(Not individual blades)
Other sharp or cutting objects (e.g. razor blades, knives/Stanley cutters, hardware tools)
Blunt objects (e.g. bats, bars, and hardware tools)

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